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Welcome to the website for the East Cornwall Mining History Association (ECMHA).   

The remains of the mines of East Cornwall are part of the history, landscape and special character of the area.  Unfortunately many of these sites, which preserve not only archaeology but wildlife habitats too, are under threat from development or decay.

The ECMHA, which is a registered charity, was launched in 1994 to help to conserve mine sites and to raise awareness of their importance through education.  After many years of planning and fund raising, we have purchased two sites of great historical interest.  We now need to raise enough money to make the sites safe for the public and to conserve the buildings.

This website will introduce you to our work and its importance and, hopefully, canvass your support.  Use the links below to navigate around the website.  If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us through this link.

This website is still being developed so please bear with us. If any part seems incomplete, it probably is!

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